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analysis of the story. Introduction Estrella Alfon’s Magnificence is a short story about a woman's relationship to her parents. It is a story about the meaning of family and family history. The plot of the story is that our protagonist/narrator becomes a citizen of the Earth after the Sun is born. The narrator is a woman, and her mother is her only source of comfort after this life altering event. The reader learns about the narrator's family history, her mother's family history, and what she means to the narrator as she and her family embark on a journey to reunite with relatives in another galaxy. The family history that the reader learns about reveals the narrator to be the daughter of a renowned astronomer, and her parents are among the best astronomers of the world. She is born on the day that the Sun is born. The reader learns about the narrator's life by learning about her mother’s life. The reader comes to understand the narrator and her mother as they embark on a journey of space. At the beginning of the story the reader believes that all people are born equal. The story's first point of view is from the third person. The narrator’s perspective is that of a third person. The narrator is the only character in the story to be mentioned by name. The reader learns about the narrator's family history and her relationship to her mother and her mother's family history. The reader learns about the narrator's family history as she learns about her mother's family history. The goal of the author, Estrella Alfon is to describe the narrator’s journey of space and time, which coincides with the narrator’s life. Alfon's life experiences as a scientist and being a woman in a sexist science world shape her writing as a feminist author. This story could be described as a kind of science fiction. However, it does not contain science fiction elements like sentient computers, creatures from another planet, or even traveling in space. The protagonist is a woman who is descended from the people who invented math, geometry, and celestial mechanics, and now she is a mother of a daughter and a student of math. The mother is a scientist, and the daughter is a scientist. The narrator is a mother and a student of math. This story tells of a mother's journey to visit her family and becomes a human being with a daughter. The meaning of family and family history permeates the story. The narrator and her mother, as



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Magnificence-by-estrella-alfon-pdf 2022

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