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5G, ¿A current Cold War?

One of the most publicized and interesting features for the massive use of 5G networks is the instant download of movies from streaming services or videos from social networks. However, the world's still largest economy, the United States, has reacted by creating alarm at China's progress in the global development and deployment of 5G networks.

Through economic sanctions and a smear campaign against Huawei Trump has managed to get the United Kingdom to ban the participation of the Chinese giant Huawei, arguing risks to the security of its equipment in the face of interference by the Chinese government. The UK's resistance for about a year to Trump's attacks held on better prices and higher performance of Huawei technology. However, recent US sanctions have artificially raised prices of the best option.

Why is the United States so fervently attacking China and its 5G technology?

China has declared its intention to position itself as a dominant country in global markets based on its technological development guided by 5G systems. This objective considers the characteristics of the 5G systems which, the USA and China agree in this, are a strategic sector:

- A massive increase in the availability of broadband, data collection, storage, processing, and computing.

- "Unlimited" incorporation of all types of gadgets and devices to the internet network.

- Ultra-low latency or instantaneous transmission of data over exceptionally long distances allows real-time connectivity even from one side of the globe to another.

These characteristics offer great potential for technological advancement in the rest of the economy, particularly the so-called industry 4.0, smart cities, and the massive incorporation of renewable energy. Mexico has abundant renewable energy resources, so it should currently be looking to adopt and develop 5G technology embedded in the expansion of smart and sustainable electrical grids.

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