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Infraestructure as a Service (IaaS)

What is IaaS?

We take care of the complexity and costs associated with building and maintaining physical infrastructure. You just have to enjoy the computing power, storage capacity and computer programs you require, all from the cloud.


Restricted access to infrastructure: Only our authorized personnel have physical access to our servers for verification and maintenance tasks.

Firewall: We protect your computer resources from external attacks. We configure the system to allow or deny traffic based on specific rules, to prevent unauthorized access to your computing resources.

VPN (Virtual Private Network): We enable an encrypted tunnel between cloud computing resources and on-device computing resources from which your authorized personnel are accessing, allowing a secure and private connection between them.

Authentication and access control: We provide you with authentication and access control options to help you control who can access your computing resources. This can include multi-factor authentication options, role-based access controls, and customizable security policies.

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Back up
We generate a backup and recovery copy of data and applications. We offer several backup options available based on your backup and recovery needs to protect your data and applications.

Unidad de disco duro de copia de seguridad

Storage capacity 

We offer you a scalable total amount of available storage space so you can increase or decrease capacity based on your needs.

Performance: We adjust storage type and network settings to increase the speed at which you can access and process your stored data. 


Processing power 

We offer you a scalable, reliable and secure processing solution for your needs.

General Purpose Instances: We fine-tune the balance between CPU, memory and storage, ideal for web applications, application servers and office tasks. 

Compute-intensive instances: We offer you high CPU and memory power for processing-intensive applications, such as data analysis, scientific modeling, and 3D rendering.

Data Processing

Your office from wherever you decide
Based on your needs, we ensure that the applications and systems you need are available and running even in the event of hardware or software failures, through instance replication and load balancing.

Remote access: Securely access all your files and applications from wherever you choose from any device. 

Custom virtualization: We configure your server or multiple virtual machines with the programs and capabilities you require.
Team management: You will have the ability to manage your work team by working in a coordinated manner using the same data.

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