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Identify and realize your potential

MISSION: To support our clients to identify and realize their potential to create value with reciprocity.

VISION: A regenerative world with a growing capacity for evolving into superior levels.

VALUES: Quality, Reciprocity, Transparency, Intelligence, Efficiency.



One of Regenergy's greatest strengths is a solid relationship with independent professionals with extensive experience in the different fields of knowledge in which we work so that our work is always backed by high quality and the necessary human resources.

Our team
Lucía Balmori, Associate

Architect and Building Engineer by UNIPV, Italy and UVA, Spain. Master’s degree in Strategic and Human-Centred Design at the IE Business School, Spain, and The Hamlyn Center, United Kingdom. Lucía has worked on the development of international projects in the urban, real estate and service design fields; with a focus on sustainability, regenerative development, socio-economic impact and user experience.

Ricardo Zaragoza, CEO & Founder

An economist by UNAM with a Master's degree in Environmental Management from Duke University, United States. Ricardo possesses a solid professional trajectory in research, international trade, economics, public policies and social development, energy, renewables, sustainability, regenerative development, and data science.

Xavier Alejandro Manrique, CTO & Founder

An economist by the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Xavier has a wide experience in hardware analysis and operative software, programming languages, and management of databases at the corporatize level.

Alejandra Enciso Gijón

As an Internationalist and Master's candidate in International Cooperation, she has served as an independent consultant on innovation projects across various sectors. Her expertise includes providing guidance and training to universities, local governments, industrial chambers, and international organizations in project design, implementation, and proposal preparation for federal programs. In the public sector, she has been involved in organizing evaluation processes for calls issued by the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT), as well as ensuring compliance, monitoring, and addressing auditing and oversight bodies. She brings extensive experience in the educational field, contributing to the development of didactic evaluation tools and program redesign.

Katiana Malagón Esquivel

As an Economist from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, she brings expertise in Planning, Design, Monitoring, and Evaluation of Federal Programs.


She has worked in the Innovation Directorate of the National Council of Science and Technology, where she was involved in the development of the Design Document for the Innovation Stimulus Program, including the formulation of its Matrix of Indicators for Results. She has also contributed as an analyst in projects related to Technological Innovation and Social Development.

Rafael Godoy Mireles

With a degree in Accounting from La Salle University, A.C., he brings extensive experience in conducting diagnoses, monitoring studies, and evaluations of programs or social actions. He has been actively involved in the control and registration of MIR indicators within the Federal Public Administration. Additionally, he has played a role in performance audits and monitoring compliance with the follow-up of Areas Susceptible for Improvement, assuming a surveillance function within the same domain.

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