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Lyfe Cycle Assessment & Circular Economy

We work for a more efficient and sustainable energy system that preserves a future. ​

We elaborate assessments of conventional energy resources and renewables, energy storage, and energy systems. 

The environmental impact of your product is measurable, and understanding it will help you to reduce your costs and be more sustainable. 

Get a competitive advantage with an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), or a Circularity Index Report (CIR).

Impact Measure and Management
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We work with you to identify the essence of your business or institution to measure and manage your impact.

We use tools like data science and Global Value Chains. 

We combine the Logical Framework Approach and the Regenerative Development Paradigm to create diagnostics, evaluations,  monitoring systems, and data science's tools for public policies and social programs.

Artificial Intelligence Applications
China & Global Energy Systems

Artificial Intelligence is increasingly an elemental tool to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and increase the competitiveness and quality of firms.  

We identify if this technology is suitable for your business and develop the models and tools of more value for your organization.

China's role in world energy systems is growing due to a sustained growth path along decades and its demand and supply of energy.

China is leading the development and deployment of renewables, and the development of technology, like 5G systems, which are transforming the functioning of energy systems.

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